Monday 10 February 2020

Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session Resumes on #15thFeb Courtsey of Valentines 2020

On Saturday 15thFeb Tontoma Bi Monthly Sessions will be resuming with a Valentines Edition at 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust in Kansanga Featuring Poetry Performances from Guest Poet Topito all the way from Comoros & Mac nrietta a Female who will be sharing Romantic Poetic Performances as part of celebrating this years Valentines Edition 2020. 

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Tontoma to Host Arts Collaboratory Assembly Delegates on the 26th Sept at Uganda Muesum

As part of the Arts Collaboratory Assembly Meeting hosted by 32°East| Ugandan Arts Trust , Tontoma in Partnership with  32 East Ugandan Arts Trust & different Poetry Platforms in Kampala will meet on Thursday 26th Sept at the Uganda Museum.

Tontoma Sept Edition will feature talks  and Poetry Performances from Different Poetry Platforms in Uganda  from Kampala including Kwivuga, Babishai Niwe, Kelele, Kitara Nation, Katochi, Afroman Spice, Black Athem,Open Mic and Stubborn Poetry respectively  who will share about their poetry organizations they run and exchange with the Arts Collaboratory Assembly Delegates to see how they can work and collaborate with their respective art centers they run in different parts of the world. 

Below is the list of the participates from the Arts Collaboratory Assembly who will be sharing their work and role in the Arts Community in there different regions around the world.
You can find info about each organisation here:
Poster Credit: Mos Opten

Thursday 6 June 2019

Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session to Happen on First Friday every after one Month starting with the #5thJuly @32East Ugandan Arts Trust

The Monthly Poetry Night Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session  resumes on 5th July at there Old Home 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust/Kansanga  in partnership with African Nantindi where they will be presenting Two French Speaking Poets all the way from DRC Congo but currently Residing in Kampala Mugay Gideon & Hondi Mushagasha.

Also on the same Night there will be a New Female  Poetic Face Poet Pesh from African Nantindi who will be sharing her Poetry for the first time at the Tontoma Platform and  as  well open to the  Poetry Industry in Uganda at Large.

Also Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session will normally happen on first Friday  every after one Month at 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust in Kansanga.

Monday 5 November 2018

Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session Resumes on 6th December in the Tontoma Xmas Special Edition

Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session Xmas Special Edition on 6th Dec will mark the end of year 2018 Sessions of Tontoma , Featuring Poetry Performances, Talks, Review of Tontoma Activities of 2018 and a Small Cocktail

Venue : 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust/Kansanga off Ggaba Road just Opp Bank of Baroda
Time: 8pm-10pm
Tickets : 5k only
Get Your Tickets at 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust Reception or Contact Joshua via 0704373142/ 0779763664

You are all welcome to join us as we end the year 2018.

Thursday 9 August 2018

Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session to Host Polish & UK Based Poet Bohdan Piasecki on the 24th August

Bohdan Piasecki is a poet from Poland based in Birmingham. A committed performer, he has taken his poems from the upstairs room in an Eastbourne pub to the main stage of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, from underground Tokyo clubs to tramways in Paris, from a bookshop in Beijing to an airfield in Germany, from niche podcasts to BBC Radio. In the UK, he regularly features at the country’s most exciting spoken word nights, festivals, and readings. He enjoys the creative chaos of big field festivals just as much as the composed concentration of literary events. 
Bohdan founded the first poetry slam in Poland before moving to the UK to get a doctorate in translation studies. He has worked as Director of Education on the Spoken Word in Education MA course at Goldsmiths University, and was the Midlands Producer for Apples and Snakes between 2010 and 2017. Since 2012, he has been a regular Visiting Lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. He currently holds the post of General Manager at Free Radical, a Birmingham-based company creating opportunities for young artists with an activist practice.

So catch Him Live on the 24th August at the Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session Meet & Greet.
Venue: 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust Kansanga off Ggaba Road just after KIU University & Opp Bank of Baroda
Time: 8pm-9pm
Free Entry to you all.
Don't Miss.

Tontoma Poetry Jazz Session Resumes on #15thFeb Courtsey of Valentines 2020

On Saturday 15thFeb Tontoma Bi Monthly Sessions will be resuming with a Valentines Edition at 32 East Ugandan Arts Trust in Kansanga Featuri...